Hello and thank you for stopping by! I am a freelance illustrator and graphic designer living in Barranquilla, Colombia.  
Since 2014 I've been attending to workshops and seminars related to illustration and visual storytelling.  Some of the illustrators I've been lucky to have as instructors have been: Noma Bar, Paula Bossio, Gabriel Pacheco, Mariana Ruiz Johnson, José Sanabria, Sabina A. Schürmann, Jimena Tello & Olimpia Zagnoli.
In 2016 I participated in the workshop L’evento della materia curated by Gabriel Pacheco held at The International School of Illustration L’immagini della fantasia (Sarmede, Italy) and  my work was selected to participate in a preview of the exhibition Le immagini della fantasia 34 at the Trento Film Festival.  
For a more detailed curriculum, inquiries or just saying hello! :) 
please email me at: angguarin@gmail.com 
Thank you for visiting! 
Keep in touch! Please find me on Instagram @angie.guarin to keep up to date with latest projects. 
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